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Social Responsibility - Playa Mia

Social Responsibility

Cozumel’s Socially Responsible Beach Park

When you call a beautiful tropical island home, caring for your slice of paradise is non-negotiable. After all, we want to leave a healthy legacy for generations to come. That's why Playa Mia Grand Beach Park takes social responsibility and environmental sustainability seriously.

We've incorporated state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis technology for water purification. This means we can produce and efficiently distribute fresh, clean, potable water to all Food & Beverage areas at our facility. We have also invested in a specialized sewage water treatment plant that provides over 15,000 gallons of treated water every 24 hours. We use this water to maintain the green areas throughout the park.

Travelife Partner sustainability award for WT GROUP INTERNATIONAL WILD TOURS, SA DE CV

Amsterdam, December 20th, 2022. The Travelife Partner award was received today by WT GROUP INTERNATIONAL WILD TOURS, SA DE CV. This award is a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of WT GROUP INTERNATIONAL WILD TOURS, SA DE CV  regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Collaborating To Uplift Communities - playa mia

Collaborating To Uplift Communities

Our efforts don't stop with environmental concerns. Together with the help of some incredible non-profit organizations, we improve economic, social, and human conditions for local and nearby communities.

We have strategic alliances with a number of local and global non-profit organizations, such as Fundación Aviomar, Fundación ORBE, Fundación de Parques y Museos, Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, Parque Marino National Arrecifes de Cozumel, Universidad de Quintana Roo, and Universidad del Caribe. There are few Riviera Maya day tours that can match our social responsibility efforts.