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10 tips to visit "El Cielo"

By: Playa Mia / 09 Mar 2023
10 tips to visit

1. Wear a hat or cap to protect your face from UV rays

2. Avoid disturbing marine fauna. Remember that you are visiting their habitat.

3. Do not touch starfish since several species of starfish have become extinct, and many are currently under threat from contamination and human manipulation.

4. Do not throw garbage into the sea. It helps to keep our seas clean.

5. Do not feed marine fauna since it could be harmful

6. Wear UV-protective shirts

7. Wear sunglasses

8. Do not use sunscreen to delay coral bleaching.

9. Bring a camera to take photos it will be an unforgettable moment.

10.- Enjoy to the fullest and immerse yourself in fun. Do not forget to visit "El Cielo" with boats that make their payment to marine parks for the conservation of "El Cielo"

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