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Cool Cozumel Tips for Cruise Travelers to the Island

By: Master Account / 31 Aug 2017
Cool Cozumel Tips for Cruise Travelers to the Island

Planning an adventure to the island of Cozumel on your next cruise? Check out these smart Cozumel tips for cruise travelers and you'll be ready to savor every minute of your time on the island.

  • Pack water shoes, which are ideal for wading in shallow beaches and strolling on sands near coral formations.
  • Learn some basic Spanish vocabulary to better connect with the local culture, such as hello (hola), goodbye (adíos), please (por favor) and thank you (gracias).
  • Get some pesos. You can get Mexican money at your bank before you leave home or at numerous ATMs on the island. Pay in pesos vs. dollars to receive a better exchange rate on your purchases.
  • You don't need to rent a car. Most attractions and tours provide transportation options, including Playa Mia.
  • Only swim on the south side of the island, where Playa Mia is located. Currents on the northern side are much stronger and can be dangerous.
  • Book an excursion to Playa Mia before your cruise. Walking around near the dock in Cozumel gets old fast. Plan on spending your day in port at Playa Mia, and enjoy 20 amazing activities for one low admission price. Check out our tours for cruise travelers, and plan an epic beach vacation.

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