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Cozumel Travel Tips - Sea Turtle Season Is From May Through November

By: Playa Mia Grand Beach Park / 11 May 2018
Cozumel Travel Tips - Sea Turtle Season Is From May Through November

Experience Sea Turtle Season in Cozumel: May Through November

Hundreds of sea turtles come to the eastern beaches of Cozumel starting in May of every year to build their nests and lay their eggs. A couple of months later, tiny hatchlings emerge from their eggs and make their way to the ocean. It's an instinctive journey that begins every evening around 5 pm – and it's one of the most beautiful natural journeys you can witness.

How You Can Help Endangered Sea Turtles

All eight species of sea turtles are endangered, and four of them make their nests on the beaches of the Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula: loggerhead, green, hawksbill, and Kemp's ridley sea turtles. Environmental agencies and the Mexican government have joined forces to protect these creatures and their habitats. Nesting beaches on Cozumel and elsewhere are under strict surveillance during nesting season from May to September. During hatching season from July to November, volunteers and biologists help baby turtles make it to their destination: the open sea.

Be a Cozumel Sea Turtle Volunteer

Are you interested to help baby sea turtles? All tours of nesting beaches must go through the Department of Ecology, which can be found on 65 Avenue in Cozumel to learn about current programs. Volunteering in Cozumel is a fantastic way to make your experience on the beaches and at Playa Mia Grand Beach Park even more meaningful. Do you have questions about Playa Mia or about Cozumel travel? Please contact us today!

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