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The Mexican Sope

By: The Mexican Sope / 23 Nov 2022

The Mexican Sope

Did you know?

The sope arose thousands of years ago in pre-Hispanic cultures. It is said to be created by the Toltecs.

What we know today as a Mexican sope, for our ancestors was considered healthy food; since the base of this food was 100% corn. This food was only served to the warriors who went to the battlefield so that they could have strength.

Traditionally they were bags of dough, filled mainly with beans and meat. The sopes, over time, had its modifications; on some occasions, they even serve it fried. This dish spread throughout the country and was recognized as one of the favorite dishes of Mexicans.

You cannot visit Mexico and not have tried a delicious sope!

You can order it with meat, chicken, and shrimp.

In our Mexican cooking class, you will be able to try an authentic Mexican sope.

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