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Included Attraction - playa mia

Included Attractions

Experience the Top Cozumel Attractions near the Cruise Port

We've included more than twenty fun activities and services in the price of your admission, so you can experience the best of our Beach Park without breaking the bank, from taking a heart-racing plunge down our 200-foot-long Twin Twister Water Slides to enjoying a soak in our relaxing Oasis Hydro Massage Tub. 

Our Included Attractions

Buccaneer's Bay - Playa Mia

Buccaneer's Bay

Ahoy,matey! Let the kiddos loose in Buccaneer's Bay and see their inner pirates flourish. Fierce water cannons and a pint-sized pirate ship set the stage for a day of high seas adventure. 

Twin Twister Water Slides - Playa Mia

Twin Twister Water Slides

Two thrilling 200-foot-long curly rapid water slides wait to challenge you with addictive fun. We guarantee you'll be back for more. Nobody ever tries just one. 

Oasis Hydro Massage Tub - Playa Mia

Oasis Hydro Massage Tub

Grab a tropical cocktail and get ready for ultimate relaxation. Feel the sun on your face as thousands of massaging bubbles melt your cares away. Now this is a treat! 

Floating Park - Playa Mia

Floating Park

Test your skill and coordination on our exciting 500-foot-long adventure circuit. Climb the bouncing play structures and bounce across water trampolines on your way to the finish line.

Underwater Mayan City - Playa Mia

Underwater Mayan City

The legendary Mayan civilization is revered in Mexican culture. Playa Mia has built an incredible underwater Mayan City to honor our past and allow our guests to experience history in a whole new way. 

Kayaks - Playa Mia


Our double-passenger kayaks make exploring the sparkling Caribbean Sea easy for the whole gang. Grab your family and friends and paddle your way to new memories under the warm Mexican sun.

Water Bicycles - Playa Mia

Water Bicycles

Get ready to explore the tranquil waters perched atop your own water bicycle. Catch some rays while you pedal your way to fun with family and friends. Anyone can do it!

Ping Pong Table - Playa Mia

Ping Pong Table

Keep your eye on the ball—because the action moves fast on the ping pong table here. Challenge friends and family to a little friendly competition or join in one of the fun tournaments.

Volleyball Court - Playa Mia

Volleyball Court

There's volleyball, and then there's beach volleyball. Don't miss your chance to spike and serve under the Caribbean sun on one of the best beaches in Mexico.

Pool Bar - Playa Mia

Pool Bar

What would a tropical vacation be without a swim-up pool bar? Indulge with a cool dip and an ice-cold beer or refreshing cocktail under the sun. It doesn't get any better than this.

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