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History - Playa Mia

Our History

Explore our Cozumel Beach Park’s Illustrious Past

In 1984, founder Jose Trinidad Molina Castellanos revolutionized the concept of Cozumel beach destinations by creating the island's first Beach Adventure Park. Since then, Playa Mia Grand Beach Park has been attracting guests from around the world with exciting excursions, endless attractions, and warm, friendly service.

After two major hurricanes in 2005 (Emily, a Category 4, and Wilma, a Category 5), Playa Mia Beach Park was destroyed, but like a phoenix, it was reborn from its ashes. Today, the biggest velarium in Cozumel stands above us, at the vanguard of modern architecture, built to endure anything that Mother Nature can dish out.

Fun-Filled Moments

Over Three Decades of Fun-Filled Moments and Fond Memories

As the most visited location for shore excursions on Cozumel, we entertain over 300,000 guests every year. Our daily commitment to continuous improvement and outstanding customer service helps us create memorable experiences and set the stage for the greatest Cozumel beach vacation. We look forward to welcoming you soon.