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Thrilling Things to Do in Cozumel: Parasailing at Playa Mia
05 May 2017
Playa Mia
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Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park

Thrilling Things to Do in Cozumel: Parasailing at Playa Mia

A distinctive perspective

Have you ever dreamed of flying? You can at Playa Mia when you add parasailing on to your beach experience. Soar high above the sand and surf while safely harnessed to your parasail wing, and enjoy the epic view of the island and sea.
Parasailing at Playa Mia
Parasailing is always an exciting adventure - but in Cozumel, it’s coupled with spectacular Caribbean island scenery that will truly take your breath away. You’ll never forget the day you went parasailing at Playa Mia, and you’ll earn bragging rights for crossing this one off your bucket list.
First, you’ll strap on a harness that’s triple-checked for security, sitting beside a friend or family member. Next, you’ll be attached to the parasail wing, a parachute-like contraption designed specifically for this experience. The speedboat starts its engine, and then you’re ready to fly: up, up, and away, high above the beach below.
Parasailing at Playa Mia
Parasailing at Playa Mia
Surprisingly peaceful, parasailing provides a bird’s eye view of beautiful Cozumel and the surrounding sea. See the world from a new perspective - and don’t forget to take pictures! After your sky cruise above the beach, you’ll return to the ground with a soft landing and easy touchdown.
Parasailing is just one of the fun add-on activities that we offer at Playa Mia, along with 20 additional free attractions that are included in the price of admission. Visit us during your stay on the island, and discover why we’re one of the top things to do in Cozumel. Plan your adventure today!
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